Big Brother Wants Your Help to Track Down Pedophiles


It’s no secret to anyone that we are all under constant surveillance. London is probably the most surveilled city in the world, with security cameras focused on just about every public place in the city, but most cities are now gridlocked with intersecting security cameras.

So, yeah, privacy went by the board more than ten years ago, and there’s nothing that we can do about it…but at least we can use the intrusions on our privacy to track down some real villains.

One of the major illnesses in modern society is the spread of child pornography. While some people think that child pornography might actually reduce the incidence of children being molested (because it supposedly allows pederasts to “blow off steam” by masturbating over naked pictures of young boys and girls) the gruesome facts are that there is a world-wide explosion in the incidence of child pornography around the world. This explosion is increasing the demand for child pornography which, in turn, creates an ever increasing market for the pornographers.

No one really knows how large a market exists for child porn. Estimates range from $20 billion a 2006 report- but a 2006 article in the Wall Street Journal, challenged both the source and the methodology of the surveys on which that number was based.  There are, however, anecdotal reports all over the interest attesting to the scope and scale of the child pornography problem…much of which is, of course, being sold on or delivered through the internet.

The increasing incidence of adult pornography, child pornography and gambling addictions have been a parallel development to the rise of the internet itself but even researching child pornography can get you into trouble as The Who’s Pete Townshend found out in 2003, when he was arrested for purchasing child pornography online with his own credit card. (Townshend, an admitted survivor of childhood molestation himself,was ultimately exonerated but that was after he was driven to the brink of suicide according to his 2012 autobiography,  Who Am I?)

The problem is so widespread that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has actually been running their own child pornography websites in an attempt to track down and arrest pederasts who were using the sites before they were seized by the FBI, according to a 2016 article in USA Today.

Child pornography is not a victimless crime. Every picture that pornographers take represents another child’s life destroyed, and the problem is worldwide, which much of the pornography being created in third world countries and distributed through the dark web.

Unlike many of the ills of society, however, there actually is something that you can do to help combat child pornography…and it won’t cost you a cent or expose you to any risk.

There’s a website and smartphone app called that wants you to take pictures of your hotel rooms as you go about your travels and upload them to their servers so that they can use those images to track down pederasts and child molesters.  They have software that compares the backgrounds in the rooms where pornographers have been shooting their dirty pictures with the pictures you upload to their website, and flags the locations where pornographers have done their work. From there, it is relatively easy to track down the people who have passed through those rooms to find the culprits.

It seems that such people tend to use hotel rooms to shoot sexually explicit pictures which are then offered for sale on the Dark Web.  That makes a certain kind of sense. People with children in tow are always passing through hotel lobbies and sometimes the kids don’t look very happy about it…but it is a brave man or woman who will step up to confront a total stranger who seems to be giving some random kid a hard time and ask for identification.

The TraffickCam program was created in 2015 by The Exchange Initiative, an organization dedicated to cracking down on sex trafficking of all kinds. On their website, The Exchange Initiative calls sex trafficking a modern day equivalent of slavery in which adults and children are forced to commit sex acts. Traffickers use drugs, violence, physical restraints, and psychological tools to keep their victims under control.

The numbers are daunting, with 300,000 underage Americans, some of them less than 12 years of age, being  lured into sex slavery every year in an alleged $32 billion a year industry…but that’s just a drop in the bucket when compared to the estimated 20 to 30 million enslaved people worldwide, according to which estimates that the per capita cost of a slave today is just $90.

The U.S. State Department estimates that 600,00 to 800,000 people are bought, sold or driven into slavery each year,  and that number only reflects the victims who are transported across international borders. No one knows how many slaves may be held in the countries where they were born. They don’t get counted.

So, we have gone from a common garden variety pornographer to a global traffic in human beings, many of whom are being sucked into the pornography machine….but you can do something about it.

You are probably holding part  of the answer in your hand. It’s your cell phone. Use it for something worthwhile for a change. The next time you are traveling, take some pictures of your hotel room. It’s really that simple.


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