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  • Journalism the Way it Used to Be
    If you want to understand what has happened to the news, the best way to do that is to compare how news used to be produced against how it is produced today. In 2014, renovation workers removed a
  • ‘New York Times’ Sinks to New Lows
    The New York Times recent attempt to discredit Donald Trump is another example of how this paper has sunk to the lowest depths of journalism, making it nothing more than the National Enquirer of
  • Required Watch List for News Junkies
    If you’re a news junkie, or you are heading that direction, this list of films about the newspaper business should interest you. These films capture the essence of what Americans – rightly or
  • Why I Joined BindleSnitch – and Why You Should
    Right off the bat, I have to tell you that Abraham Penziner is a pseudonym. I’m using a pseudonym, with the kind permission of BindleSnitch executive editor Alan Milner, who hates pseudonyms,
  • Closes Down after 18 Years Online
    Tragedy struck Bindlesnitch today. We have just lost our most prolific contributor. What makes this even worse is that we have also lost ALL of the articles we ever published by our late contributor.
  • Newsweek Writes Barron Trump Out of Existence
    In an article about Eric Trump's speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), published yesterday on the Newsweek website, Newsweek reporter Nina Burleigh committed the ultimate
  • Florida Students to March on Washington for Gun Reform
    Students who survived a mass shooting at their Florida school on Sunday announced plans to march on Washington in a bid to "shame" politicians into reforming laws that make firearms readily
  • The Tower of Babble is Back
    A couple of generations ago, Newton Minnow, the late Commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission, called  television “a vast wasteland,” and that was back in 1961, before the
  • CNN’s Jake Tapper Acknowledges Media Easier on Obama
    CNN’s Jake Tapper says former President Obama benefited from a media industry that was “supportive” of him and reluctant to identify misleading information in a Rolling Stone magazine interview
  • Trump Wants to Evict Press Corps from White House
    Most people don’t know this, but White House correspondents get to share offices and studios in the West Wing of the White House, something that has galled secretive presidents for generations.
  • AOL’s Mangled Advice About Mangled Language
    I love it when people create posts that offer sage advice about an issue, only to end up delivering as many pieces of bad advice as they do good ones. In a recent AOL post, which keeps reappearing
  • How Donald Trump Gets Away With Lying in Plain Sight
    New York Times Op-Ed  contributor Charles M. Blow has been waging a courageous war against media blindness. In his current NYT opinion piece, Donald Trump Is Lying in Plain Sight, he talks about
  • Stupid Things I Found Online Today
    I just can’t get over my addiction to AOL.  I don’t even use AOL to read my email any more, having linked my AOL account to my Microsoft Outlook email manager, but I still visit AOL