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  • Kilauea eruptions being compared to 1955 event
    It's been one week since the start of new eruptions at Kilauea's east rift zone that destroyed dozens of homes and prompted the evacuations of thousands, but scientists say there's no telling when
  • New 3D printing method replicates living tissues
    British researchers have developed a new 3D printing technique that prints images on cells and molecules you'd normally find in living tissue, creating samples that behave largely as they would in
  • More Planets Discovered Far Outside Milky Way
    Scientists from the University of Oklahoma have discovered planets outside of the Milky Way galaxy, the first time that any research lab has found the celestial bodies outside of our
  • Listen to This Orca Saying ‘Hello’ and “Good-bye.’
    Scientists are finding the Killer Whales are able to emulate the speech patterns of their trainers, including making noises that sound like they are saying such things as "hello" and counting
  • Earthquakes Aren’t Affected by Phases of Moon, Time of Year
    Researchers have debunked a long enduring belief related to earthquakes, namely that they are influenced by the moon or the time of year in some way, according to a recent
  • Worldwide Rainfall Increases Also Rain Harder
    As the climate heats up, the forecast is also calling for more rain. Think downpours. Cats and dogs. Or just “extreme rain,” as the scientists call it. The overall rain and snowfall average
  • How the science of human behavior is beginning to reshape the U.S. government
    How the science of human behavior is beginning to reshape the US government Dave Nussbaum, University of Chicago Back in September, President Barack Obama signed an executive order that marked a
  • NASA Discovers Liquid Water on Mars
    NASA has announced that liquid water has been found on the red planet Mars. In the past it was known that water existed on Mars in the form of ice, but scientists thought that the atmosphere was
  • Philae Spacecraft Calls Home From Comet 67P
    In an exciting new development, the European Space Agency (ESA) announced on their Rosetta blog that its probe Philae, the first spacecraft to land on a comet, has come out of hibernation seven
  • Publisher Retracted Over 40 Shady Science Papers
    BioMed Central, a major publisher of scientific journals in Great Britain, reports they have retracted 43 research papers that were published on the basis of “fabricated” peer-reviews.
  • Revamped Large Hadron Collider Back Online Again
    It could change physics forever. The revamped Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is due to be restarted after a two-year hiatus. Described in Business Insider as a “monstrous underground atom smasher,”
  • Mexico Leading Climate Change Crusade In Developing World
    Mexico made history last week when it committed to unconditional cuts in carbon emissions, a move that could lead developing nations in the fight against global warming. Mexico, one of the worlds
  • Men May Perform Better When Women Are Watching
    Men may perform better when women are watching, or at least that is one of the conclusions drawn from some recent research.For example, when guys are pumping iron at the gym, they might be more
  • Arctic Sea Ice Now at Lowest Recorded Levels
    Arctic sea ice reached its lowest winter point ever recorded, US data has shown, raising concerns about faster ice melt and rising seas due to global warming. Data released by the US National Snow
  • Saturn Moon Deep-Ocean Vents May Harbor Life
    Saturn’s icy moon Enceladus exhibits signs of lifesupporting hydrothermal activity which may resemble that seen in the deep oceans on Earth, scientists say. Hydrothermal activity occurs when
  • Asteroid Brings Its Own Moon With It
    Last week, Bindlesnitch reported that a giant asteroid would pass close to the Earth this week. As expected, it did, and it brought a guest along with it – a small moon. The Deep Space Network
  • Free Tilly: Killer Whales in Captivity are No Laughing Matter
    Imagine a grey wolf lounging in Yellowstone National Park. Around him are his pack-mates who are looking for prey, while their elder looks on. A deer walks into view and the wolves ears perk up and
  • Asteroid to Make Close Pass by Earth
    Astronomers, scientists and amateur star-gazers will get a rare opportunity to see an asteroid up close this week when a giant asteroid flies very close to Earth on Monday, Jan. 26, 2015. Asteroid
  • “Prehistoric” Shark Not as Rare As Reports Claim
    Imagine thinking you have hooked onto a good-sized sea perch and pulling in something that looks like, well, the creature that bursts out of Warrant Officer Kane’s chest in the movie “Alien.” A
  • Plants Rebound by Duplicating Genomes
    Some plants are capable of rebounding after suffering damage, and new evidence indicates they do it by duplicating their entire genomes. Although scientists have long known that the vast majority of
  • Science Guy Bill Nye’s Views on GMO Foods Challenged
    Bill Nye, The Science Guy, was recently challenged to a public debate to back up his claims about GMO foods in his new book, Undeniable. Dr. Kevin Folta,Chairman of the Horticultural Sciences
  • Prehistoric Alaskan Burials Found
    A pair of prehistoric infant burials found at a site in central Alaska  is helping archaeologists to better understand how the early inhabitants of the region laid their dead to rest. The remains
  • Diet Helps Bees Resist Pesticides
    Photo of honey bee by Jon Sullivan (PD) With the right diet, honey bees can better resist pesticides, according to a new study published in the Journal of Insect Physiology. Honey bees fed a diet of
  • Nanobodies Mass-Produced
    A new technique has been developed for mass-producing nanobodies, special molecules derived from antibodies. The discovery is significant because antibodies are extremely important in biotechnology,
  • Early Oceans From Meteorites
    Earth’s vast oceans may owe their genesis to water-bearing meteorites that bombarded the planet in its infancy, according to a new study published in Science. The research team found a link between
  • Dinosaur Feathers Evolved for Display
    Image of Rupicola peruviana by Bill Bouton (CC) Long before birds flocked to the skies, a number of dinosaurs sported various types of feathers, ranging from simple filaments to more complex
  • Complex Cells Evolved Inside-Out
    Image of slime mold by Lawrence Durell Wade The evolution of complex cells may have taken place through a kind of “inside-out” process, according to a new theory put forward by Buzz and David
  • Armageddon Again: ESA Comet Mission Run Down
    The European Space Agency’s unmanned Rosetta spacecraft will rendezvous with the 2.5 mile diameter Churyumov-Gerasimenk comet on November 12 in an attempt to drop a robotic landing craft on the
  • Bee Health Crisis Spreads to the Wild Bumble
      Bee health crisis warnings are growing as the condition known as “Colony Collapse Disorder” has started to spread from the domesticated honey bee population to the wild bumble bee