Hitler Lost; Nazism Won

Berlin, squeezed by Russians, Adolf Hitler took his life, the Reich lost.

Yet Nazism won as it wholly altered and, in modernizing anti-Semitism, re-invented and re-invigorated the lunacy.

Prior to the S.S., European Jew-Hatred flowered in two incarnations. When Rome converted, Christianity became lethal to Jews in successive and overlapping waves:

          . Religious anti-Semitism: convert or die (you may not live here as Jews);

          . Political anti-Semitism: leave or die (you may not live here);

The irony of Nazism’s transformative recasting of anti-Semitism was such that it didn’t need the Reich to survive for it to thrive. The third incarnation of anti-Semitism,

          . Racial anti-Semitism: you are a cancer on humanity, a pathogen, (you may not live).


           You may not live here as Jews.    

           You may not live here.     

           You may not live.


     Nazism won because isolating and condemnatory racialist ideologies are far more powerful, incendiary, infecting, infectious, and lasting than marginalizing political and religious ideologies are. There remains no anti-Semitism that isn’t rife with racialist assumptions, stated or no; there lingers no anti-Semitism limiting itself to religious and/or political solutions.

     This is why the founding documents of every neo-Nazi group and every self-identified anti-Israel terror organization does not waste much time excoriating Israel. This is why every one of their founding documents, whether written hard upon the Third Reich’s destruction or much later, announces as its core purpose the extermination of Jews everywhere and the elimination of Israel as but a path to the Prize, the answer to the cancer, a once-and-future Solution.

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