Insisting that Israel is Both Necessary and Just

     I’m a Platonist, wholly convinced that Ideas Pre-exist (and will post-exist) the material and that we could not apprehend/say anything meaningful about both concepts and objects of the senses without Ideas/Universals existing behind what our senses access. This is incompatible with ancient Hebraic theology. While Platonism allows for a God, Platonism’s is penultimate, not ultimate, and I have never been, therefore, a believer in a God as a Prime Mover (the basis of the Hebraic paradigm), The One in fundamental control. (If such a fellow/gal does exist s/he’s had some really bad decades, as between the mid ’30s and mid-’40s, and many other really awful eras.) 

     What I am, in this context, is a Zionist; it needn’t have anything whatever to do with religious faith. It’s a simple recognition, a necessity.

     My family and I have as much a right to thrive as anyone despite the clear-as-a-bell truth that well too many as yet believe that Jews do not have an equal claim on living, let alone thriving, as white Christians have and as long as there are people who identify me and mine with people who would do well to be lobbed into ovens, Zionism is a practical alternative, the most practical alternative going.

     Why?  Because conversion and an announced atheism do not answer the concern: while the Nazis lost a war, their ideology of Racial anti-Semitism won. Even today the mildest anti-Semite assumes something genetically worthy of machine-gun ditches for Jews.

     The gist is this:  No other group besides Jews claiming some affinity to that strip of land has been routinely expelled from scores of other nations and targeted for extinction. Other cultural nations in the 19th/20th C and before…Native Americans by the ancestors of white Christians here, Armenians by Turks have, various African ethnicities by one another have…all have been marked for extinction, but without having zip to do with what Rome called “the pest-hole of the Empire”, the “rock and dust-filled” eyesore, Palestine, now Israel. Israel’s the sole sane answer to a history of routine expulsions and mass murder.

     My family’s life isn’t worth a Dave & Buster’s slot coin without a Just and robust Israel, vital and strong. And, again, this is practical:  without Israel it’d be open-season on Jews everywhere, again  — and we know anti-Semitic violence is on the rise here, now, and in Europe  —  and people denying that or lacking this understanding have no reading of history worth a damn.

     And I insist, along with tens of millions of other Jews, that Zionism is critical, as are Just Israeli governments. 

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