A New (and DIFFERENT) Democratic Party Platform

I am watching the Democratic party racing toward defeat. The Democrats are going to be defeated in the Senate when they try to convict Donald Trump on a Bill of Impeachment. They are going to be defeated in the Supreme Court when they try to use the legal system to thwart the Republican party’s voter suppression efforts. They are going to be defeated in the state legislatures when they fail to get the necessary number of states to approve The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact because they don’t have control of enough state legislatures to pass the bills approving the Compact.  And then they are going to be defeated at the polls in 2020 because the 24 or 25 candidates who are or might be in the ring, (depending on what Hillary Clinton decides to do) will have so thoroughly discredited each other in the primaries that they won’t have a viable candidate left.

The existing Democratic party platform is old and out of date. It doesn’t reflect the consensus of opinion in the electorate, which is why people stayed away in droves in 2016 and didn’t give the Senate to the Democrats in 2018.

In the meantime, however, the morons who are running for the Democratic party’s presidential nomination process and the even bigger morons who are running things behind the scenes are painting themselves into a corner with an implied platform that is simply not what the people want.

The platform that is evolving out of the debates (because that’s how the platforms really get written by taking note of what the people thought were good ideas) has something for everyone:  Medicare for All, increased Social Security stipends, minimum guaranteed monthly incomes for everyone, reparations for the descendants of former slaves, reparations for the descendants of Native peoples who have been screwed out of their own lands, open borders and so on and so forth.

That sounds like a great platform. It has something for everyone because just about everyone in America will get something out of it. Unfortunately, this platform also has something for everyone to hate.


If you are really listening to people — ordinary everyday people out there in the real world, not pundits, pollsters, or Facebook buddies— this is what they want to hear:


And Absolutely No One will Pay Attention because they all know that they know how to win elections…or do they?


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