ABOUT BINDLESNITCH is a storage bin for all of the articles we have written about BindleSnitch, including how to do almost anything you might want to do as a BindleSnitch member. This section is open to everyone and includes articles about how we have developed BindleSnitch into its current design.

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  • Writers Wanted: Inquire Within

    Writers Wanted: Inquire Within

    BindleSnitch is a brand new, collectively owned publishing platform operating on a cooperative, profit-sharing business model where 100 percent of the net profits are distributed to BindleSnitch contributors on the …
  • BindleSnitch Community Guidelines

    BindleSnitch Community Guidelines

    BindleSnitch is an open forum, a place to share ideas and to disagree about them. That means there are going to be conflicts....but that doesn't mean it's open season on …
  • How to Set Up Your Member Profile

    How to Set Up Your Member Profile

    This article explains why you should customize your profile, how to create your profile cover image, how to install your profile cover image, and ho0w to add additional biographical information.
  • Step by Step Instructions

    Step by Step Instructions

    The instructions aren't difficult to follow, but they are very detailed. The goal for this article was to answer every question we could think of before we started recruiting new …
  • BindleSnitch Headline Writing Tips and Tricks

    BindleSnitch Headline Writing Tips and Tricks

    Writing headlines is becoming a lost art. On the internet, where some websites give you an unlimited amounts of space available, writers and editors have become very lazy with their …
  • Working With Images on BindleSnitch

    Working With Images on BindleSnitch

    We all know that every picture tells a story, but finding good, clean, legal images isn't easy. If you are a photographer or an artist in your own right, it …
  • BindleSnitch Style Guide

    BindleSnitch Style Guide

    The BindleSnitch Style Guide is just that, a guide. It's not The Ten Commandments. While we recommend that you review it, our style guide is just one more opinion among …
  • How You Get Paid for Your Work By BindleSnitch

    How You Get Paid for Your Work By BindleSnitch

    contributors will receive compensation based on the number of views their articles earn each month, regardless of how old the articles are. The total number of unique views will be …
  • The BindleSnitch Marketing Plan

    The BindleSnitch Marketing Plan

    When you join BindleSnitch, we will ask you to share your contact lists with us. This is a double opt-in system. The people whose email addresses you share with us …
  • Our Advertising Philosophy

    Our Advertising Philosophy

    Our position on advertising is simple: we accept paid advertising but we keep a tight rein on what gets advertised on our site and how the advertisements are displayed. We …
  • The BindleSnitch Direct Advertising Pilot Program

    The BindleSnitch Direct Advertising Pilot Program

    At BindleSnitch, we're out to prove that advertising is compatible with high quality content...and we're offering you an opportunity to advertise on BindleSnitch completely free of charge (but only for …
  • BindleSnitch Privacy Policies

    BindleSnitch Privacy Policies

    Privacy - and the invasion of privacy - is big business. There are companies that collect and disseminate information about you to advertisers, and there are companies that distribute software …
  • BindleSnitch Membership Agreement

    BindleSnitch Membership Agreement

    This article is the "must-read" legal notices that all members of BindleSnitch should read and understand. Basically, it's the same thing that everyone else uses, so you should be familiar …
  • Zero Tolerance Copyright Protection Policy

    Zero Tolerance Copyright Protection Policy

    This is our simplified, non-legalize version of the procedures we follow when copyright violations are reported to us. Please be aware that any penalties for copyright infringement will fall upon …
  • Contact Us

    Contact Us

      Please use this form ONLY to contact us privately. Your message will not be posted online. If you wish us to call you, please include your telephone number in …
  • BindleSnitch Instructions: The Publisher’s Checklist

    BindleSnitch Instructions: The Publisher’s Checklist

    This article explains how the check list works and why it works the way it does.

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