THE VIRTUAL GALLERY is exactly that, a place to put up copy protected artwork and get some attention for your work. We're hoping that people will see the gallery as an alternative to overloaded art sites that keep a piece of the action whenever you sell something. Here, if you make a sale, you keep it all...and you can also make money on the number of views your artwork earns.  This section is only available to visitors who are not using an ad blocker.

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  • Driven 2 Abstractions by visionary artist Satya Vani

    Driven 2 Abstractions by visionary artist Satya Vani

    Alan M. Milner
    Satya Vani holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Fine Art, but that doesn’t stop her from layering acrylics to create unique portraits and some pretty – and pretty wild abstracts, some of which are shown here. She lives with poet Alan Milner, who many refugees from Open Salon knew as Sage Merlin,  sibling rescue cats […]

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