At Least 20 Dead and Dozens Injured in El Paso Walmart Massacre

At Least 20 Dead and Dozens Injured in El Paso Walmart Massacre:  Twenty people were killed and dozens more injured in yet another massacre by right-wing gunman, this time at an El Paso Walmart.  The store was packed with back-to-school shoppers, making it one of the ten deadliest mass shootings in U.S. history.  

Well, fortunately for victim’s families, Republicans have announced they’ll be sending out many more than their usual “thoughts and prayers” to everyone involved – after all, there’s good people on both sides of this issue you know.  

In addition, leading Republican senators promise to make funds available to arm all Walmart employees nationwide with fully automatic M4 Carbines – as well as immediately reform numerous committees to investigate Hillary’s e-mails and the 2011 Benghazi attack. 

And so, it seems yet again – the world is left wondering how and why another horrific incident like this occurred.  In the meantime, confused and disoriented Trump supporters are eagerly waiting for more instructions from their leader.  

Of course, it doesn’t take a genius to determine this murdering butcher was another fired-up, cowardly Trump supporter.  I mean, what kind of mass shooter wears eye protection and ear muffs to a massacre?

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