Attacks by Urban Coyotes Have Been Increasing

As more and more humans settle into their usual habitats, coyotes have begun taking up residence in America’s unban areas, causing residents to express concerns about the safety of pets and even small children.

No kidding?  Why, I could have sworn “Urban Coyote” was the name of an old John Travolta movie.  But putting all that aside, I saw a couple of really HUGE coyotes over the Holidays right in my neighborhood, so I assume they must be eating well and enjoying all that our LA cuisine has to offer.  

In fact, they may be enjoying LA food a bit too much if you ask me.  Mark my words, if this keeps up, you’ll start seeing specialty diet centers like “Coyote Atkins” or “Jenny Craig-Canine,” springing up all the place in over LA.  

Hell, they’re getting so comfortable here, pretty soon they’ll be calling Uber to explore different neighborhoods.  I mean, why walk?  Let’s not forget “Walking in LA – nobody walks in LA!”          

Apparently, these coyotes are taking up residence in just about every American city and town, with the possible exception of Flint, Michigan.  I guess that would be kind of like moving to Chernobyl for a coyote.  

That said, I read a few coyotes have even moved into Flint, even though city officials have warned them – “now don’t drink the water!”

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