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I really tried to like the design with the really big featured images, but it looked much too amateurish, even for me, so I reverted back to the original model. (I haven’t even told Robert yet, but I bet he was expecting that to happen.)

You will note that there is now a very small, inconspicuous note on the home page, under the “MOST RECENT STORIES” that tells mobile users to view BindleSnitch in landscape mode. On mobile devices, that notice is actually quite large.

Another small innovation. If you are usingĀ  a larger mobile device – anything bigger than a cell phone – you should now be seeing BindleSnitch in its native mode rather than optimized for a cellular phone.

We still need to fix the logo on the Mobile version so that it fits better, and there still seem to be problems with the menu system on the mobile side. Still working on this.

Other matters:

We still need you all to increase the number of words you are inserting into the excerpts. Really 20 to 25 words would be best. Just copy your first two sentences from your article. If your article isn’t that long, write more.

Going to the next step.

We are starting to invite known producers – people we have worked with in other environments – to hook up with us…but you can do that too.

One of the core concepts behind our theory is that we can grow the site and generate more traffic by reaching out to our personal networks and inviting them to join us here. Maybe there’s still a little more tweaking to be done…but we are closing in on that objective.

We are also working on a “secret” program that will enable BindleSnitch visitors to save substantial amounts of money on their online purchases, while also increasing our revenues. Please stay tuned for that information, which will be distributed privately to members only.

So far, at least, I think I have kept up my end of the bargain by creating a place where OS people can try to recreate what we had before….but that requires tracking down and recruiting people who have drifted away. There are some who aren’t here any more. I wish I had gotten this done sooner. I think some of our missing friends would have been tickled by what we’re trying to do here.

I am putting this article on the Salon page because I don’t want it on the Home Page!




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