Belaboring the obvious, but…

Trump followers puzzled me. “He’s just like us.” Whereas it’s been pointed out that he wouldn’t have anything to do with such riffraff.

But I’ve come to think that, riches (or show of same) aside, he IS just like them.

Even or especially his show of wealth – the gold-plated everything – the empty boasting – the nyah-hah: what his followers admire and would emulate if they were only billionaires too (or so-far-successful grifters).

The memes about adulting gave me a clue. Adulting is hard, boring and not like when we were kids and thought it meant ice cream at will.* These people mostly have jobs, but I imagine that those jobs, like 99% of same, are unfulfilling, tedious, come with being bossed around, NO RESPECT. They gotta eat, so they put up with it – but, hey, trump and the whole MAGA movement gave them an outlet: in their spare time they get to be kids again! Bratty kids. Playing dress-up and having play guns just like when they were ten. (Except their brattiness and their guns have real life consequences.) The pleasure of yelling obscenities at Daddy (Biden at the moment, Trudeau in Canada), playing in the street, bullying their more responsible peers, whining, rejecting homework, enjoying FREEDOM. Telling OTHER people for a change what they can and can’t do. Grooving on conspiracy fairy tales and rejecting all that hard, boring science stuff. Mr. Vice-principal, you can’t tell us what to do, we’re taking over the school, we got our secret clubs and gonna gang up on those losers with their noses in books and the ‘fairies’ and the ones that look different.

And the religious element: God/Jesus (one and the same only not, or something) is the permissive parent. Can run wild and claim Daddy says it’s okay…and my Daddy is bigger than your upstart government fake-daddy – and he says I can have ice-cream.

Used to be society at least played at being adult and education used to be grudgingly respected. A lot to be said for repression.