Bevin Refuses to Concede Race Citing Voting Irregularities

Bevin Refuses to Concede Race Citing Voting Irregularities:  Incumbent Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin, to whom Donald Trump just gave his full support at a recent rally, is now refusing to concede the gubernatorial election to Democratic challenger Andy Beshear, citing what he says were “voting irregularities.” 

Wow, so Republicans are now suddenly becoming concerned about the integrity of our voting process?  Who knew?  And isn’t it interesting how Republicans are always crying “voter fraud,” when just about everyone who’s actually been busted committing voter fraud – has been Republican.  Funny how that works out, isn’t it?

That said, they’ll no doubt continue clinging to the “voter fraud” claims.  After all, that’s about all they have left at this point.  Now, it’s about time for good old Fox News to cue up those bogus videos showing rows and rows of busses, heading this way from the Mexican border, and loaded with thousands of illegal voters, each wearing t-shirts – with slogans like “we’re here to destroy democracy and get lots of free stuff.”   

Of course, let’s get real here.  In a place full of Trump Republicans like Kentucky, what a term like “voting irregularities” really means is that – too many folks who aren’t Republicans, actually got to vote.  And vote they did, despite all the gerrymandering and obstacles Republican politicians put in their way to try and stop them.

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