Biden and Warren in Statistical Tie

“A new poll surveying Democratic Party-leaning voters finds the race to choose the party’s nominee for president in 2020 is as tight as it’s ever been, with the top two contenders sitting in a statistical tie at the moment.

According to an Economist/YouGov pollconducted August 10-13, if the primary elections were to be held today, 21 percent of Democratic voters say they would pick former Vice President Joe Biden to become the party’s nominee. Another 20 percent say their preference would be current Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Sixteen percent said they’d pick Vermont independent Sen. Bernie Sanders, while another 8 percent say they’d vote for California Sen. Kamala Harris.”

Biden, Warren In A Statistical Tie In Latest Economist/YouGov Poll

The youngest of the top 3 Democratic candidates, at 70, Warren is no spring chicken , but I believe that Biden is past his prime. His time has come and gone.

While touring a small town in New Hampshire, he had nothing but praise for the pastoral beauty and rustic charm of such places in the State of Vermont…

If elected Warren will begin her first term at the age of 71…

Do you think that Warren is to old to represent a new generation of thinking and ideas?

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