BindleSnitch Update

We are having some difficulties because a number of plugins have failed to update properly. This is probably because I haven’t moved forward with purchasing a higher level of service, which would increase the speed of the site and fix a number of nagging problems.

I am watching to see if certain people attempt to rejoin. If that happens, I have to short circuit the member sign up process and install a manual process to replace the automated one. For me, this means having to pay more attention to my mailboxes.

I have some ideas for changes to the site about which I have a question:  How much history does it make sense to preserve?

Do readers – and that mostly means each other – do we really drill down into old articles, ours and others?  I do, but I don’t know if it makes sense to keep huge archives of articles that no one reads, ditto for comments.

Which brings me to the question of why we even post here at all?  Is it the privacy, because it sure is private?  Do you use this site as a place to store your articles?

In my own case, I use BindleSnitch as a publishing platform when I want to write an article that has multiple images, and multiple links to other resources. You can do that on Medium, but you can’t do it on Facebook or Twitter.

I feel very reluctant to let Bindle go but I really don’t understand what it does for the few of you  who use it. Enlighten me.

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