Biologists Clash Over the Idea That Plants Are Conscious

Biologists Clash Over the Idea That Plants Are Conscious:  Some traditionally minded botanists in the US, UK and Germany are beginning to fight back after nearly a decade of research which suggested that plants can have feelings, intentions and even consciousness.  

Good grief, are really they serious?  Why, if these researchers are actually correct, then my next door neighbor lady is one huge offender.  I mean, just the other day – I observed her denigrating her dandelions, cussing out her chrysanthemums and pissing-off her petunias.  Talk about having issues!  

Now, after reading this article, I’m starting to feel rather bad about the whole situation.  But the thing is, I have no idea to whom or even how one would go about reporting an incident of this nature.  That is, without some wise-ass psychiatrist trying to put me back on the heavy meds again.

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