Body of Gangster John Dillinger to be Exhumed in Indianapolis

Body of Gangster John Dillinger to be Exhumed in Indianapolis:  The Indiana State Department of Health has just approved a permit to exhume John Dillinger’s body – a bank robber and killer who became a major crime figure during the US Gangster era – from the Indianapolis cemetery where he has been interred for the past 85 years.

Well, sounds like they’re really gonna dig the poor guy up – no bones about it.  They can do whatever they want, but a word of caution – in my humble opinion, this is precisely how the scariest horror movies start folks.  

That said, I fully understand why they’d want to move his body elsewhere.  I mean, not even a notorious, murdering, criminal gangster like John Dillinger deserves to spend eternity in a place like Indianapolis.  

I’ll tell you one thing, looking at this old photograph can sure make ya long for those good old days.  You remember, back when gangsters “dressed to the nines” and Americans could carry Tommy guns?

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