Category Changes & Back End Views

Slight Paradigm Shift

I have decided to include all of the user categories in the Home Page listing of all new posts.  From now on, all of the category choices will now appear on the Home Page EXCEPT for ***Uncategorized and **top picks.

NEVER use the ***Uncategorized category. This category is reserved for articles that have somehow gotten published without a category. This is not supposed to be possible but it sometimes happens.  If you use this category, your article will not appear anywhere.

NEVER use the #Top Picks category because your article will not appear anywhere.


Spam pretty much destroyed Open Salon.  We are starting to see some traffic from spammers in the comments. (This is actually a good thing because it means that we are starting to attract attention.)

If you see an obvious spam comment attached to any of your posts, you can simply police your own posts by clicking on the EDIT button INSIDE the comment, just under the name of the commenter. When you do this a new screen will open up, that will allow you to tag the comment as spam. It should disappear from your post and send me a spam notice so that I can remove the user.


If you are looking for an article that you left in draft form or just can’t find on the front end, login to the system and click on New Post.  When you do this, you will see something like this:

JUST CLICK ON ALL POSTS and you should get a list of all of your posts, including drafts, most recent first.

Changing your Post Listings. 

The default view for your page lists has a lot of junk in it that you don’t need. This junk messes up the page listing.

You can customize the appearance of your page listing by clicking on the SCREEN OPTIONS button  right under your name on the top menu bar (in black.)

When you click that link you will get a list of choices. Here’s my recommendation for the items you really want to see listed:

The reason for not showing all of these options is that listings become unreadable. If you use this layout, you will gt a clear, easily readable listing of your articles.

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