Christian School Expels Girl Over Rainbow Sweater and Birthday Cake

Whitefield Academy, a Christian school in Kentucky, has stirred up quite a controversy after expelling a freshman student who posted a pic on her social media, showing her celebrating her 15th birthday with a rainbow cake and wearing a multi-colored sweater.

Gee, I certainly hope these poor Whitefield students have a safe place to hide should it happen to rain one day and (God forbid) – a rainbow appears.  Now, I was gonna suggest the kids try and take cover under their desks, but of course – I’m sure the school would much rather they just “go into the closet.” 

And, if the cake and sweater weren’t horrifying enough, word has it the devil child also expressed interest in attending the University of Hawaii after graduation, who are known nationally as – get ready for it – the “Rainbow Warriors.”  Now, one has to ask, is there simply no end to the horrors these poor Christians must endure?

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