“Complicity”… My Theory

Over 60 Democratic Party members in Congress (along with several members of the GOP, to boot) are fighting their own “leadership” to start impeachment proceedings against Trump.

With the big red arrow of the Mueller Report pointing directly at criminal obstruction of justice (and would have said that if the DOJ’s bogus “rules” would have allowed him to), a multitude of administration criminal convictions and virtual nonstop lying by the Commander of Covfefe, you’d think everyone right of Attila the Hun would be backing the Congressional Oversight and Reform Committee’s demand for his financial records.

What is so bizarre is most everyone IS okay with that EXCEPT the Democratic Leadership.

Why is that do you think?

Of course, no one other than those who are a complicit part of them really know, but I have a theory…

  • Trump used to, until 2009 (briefly registering as a Republican, them re-registering as “unaffiliated” until 2012), be a Democrat. 
  • Any bets on whether he made any “deals” and/or campaign contributions? 
  • Ever wonder WHO he made campaign contributions or made “deals” (Chuckie Schumer LOVES “deals” as he demonstrated with his “deal” to fast track Trump’s federal judges)
  • Think he might have ever directed dark money to certain senior / up & coming Democrats?
  • Do you think that if they received monies directly from Trump or indirectly via one of his companies that it would look REALLY bad for them if it were disclosed.
  • Do you think Trump’s financial records, which would publicly be disclosed during impeachment proceedings, would show that? (the answer to that is “YES!”)

SOOOOOO…  that’s MY theory…

I base MY theory upon the historical actions of Trump and others and the well known avarice & greed of both politicians & “1%-er businessmen”.

So what is YOUR theory for why the Democratic Leadership is protecting a criminal?