Convicted Russian Agent Maria Butina Sent Back Home

Convicted Russian Agent Maria Butina Sent Back Home:  Russian national Maria Butina, who was convicted and jailed in the US last April for being a Russian agent, during which time she admitted infiltrating and funneling influence money to the NRA, U.S. conservative activists and Republican politicians – has finally arrived back in Moscow after being released from prison early by US officials.

OK, so where the hell is the NRA supposed to get all their cash from now?  From members?  Good luck with that!  I mean, you bet NRA cadre are now running around like madmen asking “where the hell are Boris & Natasha  – now that we really need them?”

 And good grief, to think that poor Wayne LaPierre just bought himself one of those brand spanking new, French-style country estates just outside Dallas.  And by God, those damn mansions don’t just pay for themselves.

Anyway, before boarding the plane back to Russia, Ms Butina gracefully thanked all her loyal supporters, including fellow NRA gun lobbyists, Trump voters and of course – Russian-American President Vladimir Putin and his Russian oligarchs.  

Then, in a very moving proclamation that brought many Republican leaders to tears, President Trump and Mitch McConnell read a joint statement – thanking Maria Butina for her service.

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