Coronavirus and Racial Disparities

“As the novel coronavirus sweeps across the United States, it appears to be infecting and killing black Americans at a disproportionately high rate, according to a Washington Post analysis of early data from jurisdictions across the country.”

The fact that African-Americans are dying from COVID19 at a rate that is exponentially greater than the rate at which white COVID19 patients are dying should be no surprise to anyone who is minimally aware of the history of this country viz a viz black people…

The surprise is in the fact that the media is shining a spotlight on facts to which white people would ordinarily be totally oblivious and completely indifferent…

The Coronavirus disparities exist because of the existence of the underlying disparities that are  facts of life for black people as individuals and for the African-American community as a whole.

You may choose any metric you like, re negative impact/effects, black people are on the tall end of the statistical stick.

There is absolutely no reason why this phenomenon should not be reflected in the Coronavirus body count…

The question is:

What, if anything, can/will white people learn from this?


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