Covid-19 ‘Expert’ Admits to Lying about Wearing Masks

Dr. Anthony Fauci. The guy the media has declared to be the great “expert” when it comes to Covid-19 and how to treat it. Just three days ago, CBS News called this guy “the nation’s leading infectious diseases expert.”

One writer on this site was losing his lunch when it was revealed that President Trump wasn’t listening to him anymore. He also referred to Fauci as “the nation’s top infectious diseases expert.”

You know what else he’s the leading expert in? Lying his ass off to put the public in danger.

On the same day that CBS was calling him the leading expert, Fauci granted an interview where he openly admitted that he lied about the use of masks. His concern was that if people bought masks then health care professionals wouldn’t have enough, so he openly lied and said that non-medical personal should not wear them.

The good “doctor” gave some really stupid reasoning at the time. The senior editor of this site, Alan Milner, was already calling him out on it. Did it really make sense that these masks did not help people from getting the virus when health care professionals were required to wear them to protect themselves from the virus? Fauci’s explanation was ridiculous, and now we learned that this was the best B.S. he could come up with to support his lie.

The sad part was that the mainstream media was outraged that the President wasn’t taking Fauci’s advice. If only the rest of us would have been so wise. This pandemic could have been shut down months ago if this garbage advice wasn’t given. Instead, Trump was the buffoon who wouldn’t listen to the expert.

If we would have ignored Fauci as well and started using masks months ago, health care professionals wouldn’t have needed as many masks because the rate of infection would have been stymied. There would not be an epidemic like this.

Already there is a great deal of ridiculous information about this virus, and now we can no longer believe the “expert,” because he has openly admitted that he will lie about what are safe practices. Why would he do this? Because he is working with Bill Gates to make the vaccine for the virus and is in line to make billions of dollars.

What is ridiculous is that you can count on all those who supported Fauci to double down and create justification for why we should listen to this guy even now. The truth is that Fauci literally killed tens of thousands of people with his advice. Go and justify that if you can.

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