Critics Blast Corporations Taking Millions Meant for Small Business

A recent Associated Press investigation found that at least 147 large, publicly-traded companies received $555 million of potentially forgivable loans, which were supposed to go to help small businesses stay afloat – this, after President Trump quickly eliminated the job of the guy who was supposed to provide oversight on this money shortly after the stimulus bill passed.

Gee, now it seems Trump Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is saying he doesn’t think it was appropriate for these corporations to have accepted that money.  

And, while that sounds like such a compassionate thing for him to say, how in the hell does Mr Treasury Secretary-pants plan to explain why these corporations were on the list to receive money in the first place?  

I mean, who knew a company with over 500 employees was a “small business?“  Meanwhile, Republicans like Mitch McConnell are busy calling the piddly $1200 stimulus checks the rest of us got as “socialism.”  

So, I guess it’s not “socialism” when Republicans hand out our money to their corporate pals. That’s what conservatives call a “trickle-down” economy. Maybe so, but I rather suspect quite a few folks are becoming a wee bit tired of having corporations “trickling down” on them.


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