Darnella Frazier to receive PEN Courage Award

Darnella Frazier is the young woman who recorded the murder of George Floyd and posted the video to facebook. bringing worldwide attention to it.

She has been awarded the 2020 PEN America Courage Award at a virtual gala last night. Other guests and honorees at the gala were Patti Smith, Frank Bennack Jr., Spike Lee, Bono, Emma Thompson, Madeleine Albright, and former U.S. President Barack Obama. Marie Yovanovitch was also given a Courage award and Anita Hill won it last year. It all makes the award seem as prestigious as they say it is.

Frazier doesn’t seem to have become a media figure, doesn’t seem to appear on TV a lot, though I might have expected that and I’m sure it was possible if she wanted it. I can’t even find the name of the school she attends in Minneapolis or where she wants to go to college, only that she was born and raised in St. Paul.

PEN America is an organization that “stands at the intersection of literature and human rights to protect free expression in the United States and worldwide. We champion the freedom to write, recognizing the power of the word to transform the world.”


Frazier is also the focus of a gofundme that has netted over $500,000.00.

Sharing just a little bit of good news that showed up in my facebook feed to brighten the current bickerfest.

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