Dear Evangelical Christian, You really do not trust God

How can I make that statement?  How can I KNOW you don’t actually trust the very God you claim to worship?  It’s not difficult to KNOW because YOU make it painfully obvious you do NOT TRUST GOD.   You do not trust the God  you claim to worship in ANYTHING and it is painfully obvious.

On January 6th literally thousands of you went to Washington, D.C. and proved your LACK of faith to the entire world by engaging in an act which, had it been committed by non-“Christians” or non-Caucasians would have been called an act of terrorism.  For some odd reason though you’re offended when what you chose to do is referred to as terrorism.  Terrorism isn’t about skin color or religion… it’s about ACTIONS – and your actions were the actions of a terrorist.  That is just ONE example of how you demonstrate a LACK of trust in the God you allegedly worship.   There are others, much closer to home.

There’s the wife whose husband is 100 pounds overweight but who cannot walk unassisted because he has bone spurs poking holes in the sheath surrounding his spinal cord BUT she nags him daily to exercise more and to eat less in spite of the doctors telling her if he falls again he will be paralyzed from the neck down.

There’s the mother who refuses to vaccinate her children because someone told her there’s “bad stuff” in vaccines and she TRUSTS the person who fed her that line even though they aren’t a doctor or a scientist more than she TRUSTS GOD.

There’s the dad whose wife passes away and he crawls into a bottle of booze because he cannot deal with the pain or the kids without her even though IF he had even a mustard seed of faith he’d KNOW it was God’s plan.  But, he’s angry with God so his children suffer the loss of BOTH of their parents.

Those are just a FEW examples of how Evangelicals PROVE their LACK of faith… every day but Sunday Morning… when they sit in the pews of their churches and listen to messages of ‘hope’ and sing songs of ‘praise’.  You aren’t fooling anyone other than yourselves.

IF you trusted GOD, January 6th wouldn’t have happened because you’d KNOW He has a plan and terrorism isn’t part of HIS PLAN.   IF the nagging wife trusted GOD she wouldn’t nag.   IF the angry drunk father trusted GOD he would KNOW that God has a PLAN and his children losing BOTH their parents isn’t part of that plan.   IF the mom who refuses to vaccinate TRUSTED GOD she’d know that GOD has a PLAN… and that plan includes vaccinating her children against diseases that can KILL them.

Stop pretending.  It’s not working.   Literally EVERYONE knows that your “faith” is just for show.

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