Defending “The Tribe”

I just read this article on HuffPo…

Jewish Groups Rally Around Death Row Inmate Who Says Trial Judge Was Anti-Semitic


Here’s what struck me…

Nobody is questioning that Randy Halprin is guilty.  He clearly broke out of prison and was an intrinsic part of the group that robbed and murdered.  No one is even debating these FACTS which earned him a death sentence… whomever the judge.

Additionally, no one is debating the fact that Judge Vickers Cunningham is a bigoted piece of shit who had no business EVER sitting in judgement of anyone…  but that’s not the point.

The point is that The Union for Reform Judaism, the American Jewish Committee and over 100 Jewish lawyers want to over turn the conviction of a member of their “Tribe” in spite of his unquestionable guilt.

Yeah, the judge was clearly antisemitic.  No doubt about that.  There is also no doubt that Halprin is guilty as hell and earned his own death sentence.

That these groups (representing millions of American Jewish people) put membership in their “tribe” above what is right makes it clear that they give a rat’s ass about justice for anyone who is not Jewish. (which is also proven by their total silence regarding the executions of Halprin’s accomplices.)

Just remember this situation the next time AIPAC or whomever gets pissy because someone questioned their “devotion” to the Jewish state of Israel over what is right and just.

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