Democrats Are the Party of Machiavelli – Part I

If you listen to the mainstream media, read any of the major newspapers, or peruse most news sites on the internet, you will come away with one universal message – Republicans, led by Donald Trump, are the worst thing since Adolph Hitler – maybe even worse!

It’s the stupidest form of hyperbole. Not just wrong or meant to be over the top, but downright stupid! Hitler was a man who supported an ideology of absolute hate which nearly led to the destruction of Europe while killing as many as six million Jews. He may not have been the worst man that humankind has produced, but he is in the top 25, maybe even a top five.

To compare anyone living on the planet today to Hitler is absurd, but not unexpected. After all, it is the fulfillment of the ideology of the Democratic playbook – to follow Machiavelli’s advice and use it to its extreme to gain power, no matter what the cost to the country as a whole.

Who Was Machiavelli

Niccolo Machiavelli (149-1527) was a Renaissance man, a man of many parts, including a diplomat, historian, philosopher, writer, and politician, but he may be best known for The Prince, which was a treatise about what a ruler should be willing to do to attain his or her objectives.

The Prince is widely recognized as the first book on modern political philosophy. In it, Machiavelli supported using immoral means, including executing political rivals, to gain control. He taught followers that to do good, one must often do horrible, evil things to reach those goals, but this is acceptable, because good cannot be accomplished if one is not in power.

Evil becomes fully justified to gain power. After all, Machiavelli explains, it is the greater good that matters. (No one stops to think of what the “greater good” really means. This is totally subjective, and Democrats always think they are on the side of good.) This is the philosophy of the Democratic party and is why they will literally do anything to regain power, even tear apart the greatest country on the planet to do so.

Charles Krauthammer Had One Thing Right

The recently deceased Charles Krauthammer once wrote that “Liberals are dumb and Conservatives are evil.” While most conservatives do not think liberals are stupid (until recently), the fact is that the Democratic Party has pushed the idea that Conservatives are evil for over a generation. Talk to any staunch supporter of the Democratic Party and they will gladly acknowledge that belief.

Lie Until They Believe It

The first piece of advice that the Prince gave his readers was that  it is perfectly acceptable to lie during any form of public discourse.  In fact, one should do it “shamelessly.” He explained that, if you do it enough, the idea becomes ingrained in the mind of the listener, and this becomes truth. In essence, you lie until everyone believes it to be true.

Adolph Hitler and Joseph Goebbels followed Machiavelli’s advice to the letter, creating a overwhelmingly powerful propaganda machine. (Sigmund Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays, the American public relations and propaganda expert taught his clients the same thing and it is believed that Hitler and Goebbels both read and followed Bernays advice.

This is the discourse today. Listen to any Democrat in the House of Representatives or Senate or listen to the news media on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, or ABC, or read the New York Times or The Washington Post and you will see that this philosophy is the foundation of their existence.

Consider the ridiculous claim that all Republicans are racists. This claim is made of over 80 million people without any credible proof to back up that argument. It is said in an attempt to make any argument made by a Republican mute, because all of them are racist. Their racists opinions simply don’t matter.

This is not only wrong, it is stupid. Grotesquely stupid, and is something that immediately allows you to hate someone without knowing anything about them.

That is what Adolph Hitler taught. Jews are evil and therefore you should hate them even if you know some Jews and you personally find no fault in them. They are evil anyway. That is what Democrats teach.

Also consider the absurdity of the charge for a moment. During the Senate Confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh, an aid, Zina Bash, had her fingers on her lap in what looked like an “ok” sign. Across social media and in the news she was immediately labeled as a white supremacist. If she is associated with this president in anyway, she is obviously racist.

No one cared to consider that she is from Mexican descent and that her grandparents are Holocaust survivors. She absolutely has to be supporting White Supremacist ideology.

The moment that Bash positioned her fingers in that manner, the ridiculous accusations began. Keith Dumas from MSNBC tweeted, “What’s up with the white power sign?”

Liberal Activist Amy Siskind demanded that Kavanaugh be disqualified because his aid was clearly supporting white supremacy. When it was later brought to her attention that Bash was of Mexican and Jewish descent, instead of admitting she was wrong and simply made an ass of herself, Siskind doubled down, posting in a tweet, “Try it for yourself.  If you watch the video you’ll see she held it in place for a long time. It’s not a natural resting position.”

How truly Machiavellian of her. You don’t just lie. You continue to do so publicly until you get people to believe what you are saying. Truth is not important to Siskind or most others in the Machiavellian Democratic party.

No one ever stopped to consider that the claim that this is a white supremacist sign is a lie as well. According to the Anti-Defamation League, the organization that prides itself on being the authority on all hate groups, their ideology, and their symbols, this is not a white supremacist symbol at all. It simply means “ok.”

Consider Candace Owens as another example. Owens is a staunch supporter of President Trump and has appeared on many shows to express her support. Recently, she filmed an attack by the fascist group Antifa, where several members attacked her and a friend while they were eating breakfast. They swarmed around the young woman, screaming at her while she tried to eat.

Eventually, they accused Owens of being a white supremacist. According to them, a black woman is a white supremacist. They have become so brainwashed that they will see racism in every conservative thinker, even when the person they are looking at could not possibly be what they claim.

Ironically, it is the Democratic Party that is the party of racism, both historically and still today. They were the supporters of slavery. They were the supporters of Jim Crow laws and segregation. The KKK was formed by Democrats. Their hate has no limits. Today, they have groups that hate whites, believing all are evil, wanting to see them killed. There are groups believing that all men are evil.

This does not even include the fact that they are the supporters of systems that are meant to enslave people today. They are the ones who want blacks and other minorities kept on welfare, stuck in crime and poverty ridden areas, while receiving the worst education in America. They do this because they want those votes and don’t believe that, if given the opportunity, blacks can be as successful as anyone else in this country.

Now, they are looking to bring a new class of slaves to the United States – Hispanics. The desire to bring millions of illegal immigrants into this country is not to give them a chance at a better life. It is to force them to work for virtually nothing, so they are dependent upon the government for survival and can be the slaves of the Democratic Party for generations. This is why Democrats are offering them so many services to come here; they want them to feel indebted to the Democratic leadership.

Time for Some Reality

With that being said, is it realistic or even appropriate to believe that all Democrats are racists? Of course not. To do so would be as ignorant and stupid as all those saying all Republicans are racists. People deserve better than this and no Republican should be waging their fingers at Democrats either.

Are there racists in the Republican party? Yes, without a doubt, just as there are in the Democratic party as well. There are people in every party – Green Party, Farm Party, Independence Party, Libertarian Party, every party – who have racist ways of thinking. That is just reality, but it would be ridiculous to assume that everyone in those parties is racist. Unfortunately, many in the Democratic Party are content with being ridiculous because they have been able to convince a large group of people, including some who are very intelligent, that this is the case.

The purpose behind this is clear. Discredit anything Republicans say and most Americans will refuse to listen to them. If that means that 40 percent of the country has to be made to look evil to do that…well…what a small price to pay to push the Democrats policies.

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