Didn’t Want to Rain on the Parade but I’ve got Georgia on my Mind.

This isn’t over yet…and it won’t be over until the fate of the two Senate seats from Georgia are decided when Georgians go back to the polls on January 5, 2021.
Joe Biden’s very slender margin of victory in Georgia should not encourage us to expect these races to go in our favor.
Incumbent Senator David Perdue got 49.8% of the vote against Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff’s 47.8% of the vote. Libertarian candidate Shane Hazel raked in the remaining 2.3% of the vote.
In the runoff, Hazel’s 2.3% are far more likely to vote for Perdue because the Libertarian Party is further to the right than the Republican party, despite their protestations to the contrary. This means that Ossoff is heading into that run-off election at a serious disadvantage.
In the second race, between incumbent Republican Kelly Loeffler and Democratic challenger Raphael Warnock, the Democratic challenger is in much worse shape than Ossoff is.
Loeffler raked in only 25.94% of the vote against Democratic challenger Raphael Warnock’s 32.89% in a four-way race that also included Trump loyalist Doug Collins, who polled 19.98% of the vote, and Democrat Deborah Jackson, who picked the remaining 6.58% of the vote according to current figures.
In the runoff between Loeffler and Warnock, Collin’s 19.98% will naturally accrue to Loeffler, giving him the prospect of starting the day with 45.92% of the vote, while Warnock will go back to the polls with a potential 39.47% of the vote.
Clearly, then, both Democratic challengers are, right now, heading toward defeat at the polls in January….but this race is really about the future of the Biden administration (as well as the nation and the planet) because, unless the Democrats can take both seats, we are facing two years of grid-lock as Mitch McConnell continues to rule the Senate as Majority Chairman.
Right now, the Senate appears deadlocked with 48 Republicans against 46 Democrats and two Independents who vote Democratic, for a 48-48 tie, but that isn’t really the case.
Tom Tillis will win his race in North Carolina, where he is currently 1.7% ahead with 98% of the vote counted. In Alaska, Dan Sullivan will be the winner since he has a 30% edge on challenger Al Gross with 58$ of the vote counted.
Therefore, the count is really 50 seats for the Republicans against 48 seats for the Democratic alliance.
If the Republicans pick up either of the two contested Georgia seats, they will have a lock on the Senate for at least two years…but the chances are that they will pick up both seats as the previously noted statistics indicate.
Despite the truly Herculean efforts of Democratic heroine Stacy Abrams, the fact remains that Abrams and her coworkers have sucked just every last living, breathing Democratic voter out of the woodwork.
The only way that the Democrats are going to win either seat, not to mention BOTH OF THEM, is to import more Democratic voters.
This is a call for those Americans who can to relocate to Georgia for the express purpose of voting in these special elections. This is entirely legal. You can set up a primary residence in Georgia and keep your current residence as a second home. Yes, you can choose where to vote and, in this case, you can vote twice in the same election…LEGALLY.
It was my firm intention to call upon Democratic voters in strongly Democratic states to move to closely contested Republican states for this election, but I couldn’t find any financial support. It was simply too heavy a lift for most of the funders to even think about it.
This is different.
If you know people with money (as I no longer do) it is imperative for them to underwrite an effort to legally move Democratic voters to Georgia, right now, so that they can establish residency there in time for the run-off elections in January.
We will have two very different countries going forward from here depending upon how the races in Georgia turn out.
If the Republicans win even one of the two Senate seats that are up for grabs, Joe Biden will be the official president of the United States, but Mitch McConnell will be the de facto dictator in place of the would-be dictator Donald Trump.
It is high time we realized that, all this time, we haven’t been fighting a pitched battle against Donald Trump. The actual evil genius of the Republican party’s attempts to dismantle Social Security, Medicare, Obamacare, and just about every other government program that benefits actual human beings is none other than Mitch McConnell.
We can’t vote Mitch McConnell out of office. The people of Kentucky will continue to send him back to the Senate even if he is on life support. We can’t vote him out of the Senate Majority Leadership role. Only the Republicans in the Senate can do that and they won’t do it.
The only way to break the very real McConnell dictatorship is to take leadership of the Senate away from him.
Make no mistake about it. Donald Trump was just a useful idiot. The real enemy of small “d” democracy in the United States Senate is Moscow Mitch McConnell, and the job we started on November 3rd won’t become a mission accomplished until we strip him of his dictatorial powers in the January 4th run-off elections in Georgia.
Gird your loins. There’s more work to do right now

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