Do Unto Others, Before They Do Unto You

Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader, has made the calculation for a final solution to the Republicans’  problem of ridding themselves, once and for all, of the ‘out of control’ Trumpenstein monster he helped to create and enable.

The NYT has reported that McConnell is “pleased” that the House of Representatives has determined to move to a historic 2nd impeachment of a President of the United States.

McConnell has come to the conclusion that he should act now to throw Trump under the Constitutional bus within the context of  Section 3 of the 14th Amendment which says that a person who has engaged in sedition and insurrection, or gives aid and comfort to those who do, may be permanently barred from pursuing or holding any Federal office.

McConnell was one of the establishment Republicans who didn’t want Trump to win the Republican nomination at the outset….

Now that Trump is no longer the ‘useful idiot’ he proved himself to be, and since Trump hasn’t yet focused his morbid ire directly at McConnell, as he did VP Pence, and since McConnell has safely won reelection, ‘Moscow Mitch’ has determined that jumping off the Trump train now is his best bet in his calculus to assume a leadership role in what will remain of the Republican Party.

Trump may have had a shot to throw McConnell under the political bus but he blew it.  Maybe that’s because McConnell let Trump cheat on his golf scores when they played together….Who knows? Who cares?

Odds are 50/50 that McConnell will vote for conviction in a Senate impeachment trial…

However, McConnell is shrewd enough to realize that he may not have to vote to convict as long as he can orchestrate a vote to ban Trump from elective politics forever…