Don Jr Accuses Democrats of Hoping Coronavirus Kills Millions

Donald Trump Jr appeared on Fox & Friends and accused Democrats of hoping that the coronavirus kills millions of Americans to thwart his father’s chances of reelection.

Well, Don Jr does have point.  Hell, I’ve heard skeptics argue it wasn’t Democrats who weakened our defenses by firing key scientists, gutting the CDC and the National Institutes of Health – by slashing their funding to a small fraction of what it once was before Trump seized power. 

But come on!  Let’s be fair here.  As any rabid Trump follower can tell you, our President had no choice but to cut out all that expensive healthcare funding.  Otherwise, how was he supposed to find the money to pay for all the tax cuts he gave to all his wealthy pals?  

Now, we have some snide Hollywood elites, who think maybe Don Jr ought to focus more on how his dad’s administration is gonna keep us safe, rather than how this pandemic will affect his father’s political fortunes.  

And can you believe there are some wise asses who even had the nerve to imply the President spends more time trying to control criticism, than he does trying to control the disease.  How rude!

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