Donald Trump Must Be Impeached Again RIGHT NOW

I’ m angry at the Democrats in the House of Representatives because they are failing to do their jobs by NOT IMPEACHING Donald J. Trump AGAIN and doing so RIGHT NOW.

I understand the strategic thinking that appears to be preventing the Democrats in the House from doing their jobs. Somehow, it seems as if the Democrats have made a collective decision that it would LOOK BAD for the Democrats to impeach Donald J. Trump again – for a second time – in the days leading up to the election,

It would look like a bald faced attempt to interfere with the entire electoral process.

The Democrats are, of course, wrong.

This is the president of the United Sates? Really? Is this Donald Trump or Alex Baldwin?

Donald J. Trump is not insane. All of the articles that have been written claiming that Donald J, Trump suffers from one form of mental illness or another are wrong, including the ones that I have written myself, despite the fact that my clinical background, training and experience make me at least a credible as some of the other people who have been writing these opinions.

In point of fact, Donald J. Trump is neither insane nor stupid. He is, in fact, a very intelligent person who lives somewhere on the continuum of normal adaptive behaviors that would not make him subject to hospitalization for any of the presumed mental illnesses he has been diagnosed with.

I am not going to itemize here the amazing series of coincidences and twists of fate that have put Donald J. Trump into the White House. You know that litany as well as I do and reiterating them here would be a waste of time and space.

When I say that Donald J. Trump is a criminal, I mean that literally. The extensive litany of the crimes he committed before becoming president pale by comparison to the crimes he has committed since becoming president.

I’m not going to waste my time – or yours – going down the list of the crimes that Donald J. Trump has committed either before or during his presidency. I will simply stipulate that Donald J. Trump has committed some many impeachable offenses SINCE the United States Senate refused to convict him on the Bill of Impeachment forwarded to the Senate by the House of Representatives.

Donald in front of the wrong flag

No, the Democrats do not have the votes in the Senate to convict him today any more than they did before…but that is not the point.

The point is to bear witness against Donald J. Trump while there is still time to do so, before he imposes a virtual dictatorship on the American people.

What is happening right now in Portland, Seattle and other cities isn’t a harbinger of some future bad act. The insertion of federal troops – and make no mistake about it, they are federal troops – into American cities is the beginnings of a coup d’etat.  Several American cities are already occupied by Federal troops on the basis of the pretext that those cities are in open rebellion.

Make no mistake about it. This is Donald J. Trump’s first step toward the intimidation of the American people…and the people who are taking to the streets right now are playing a historic role that will at least give us the ability to say that we did our best.

Bullshit. This is not our best. We can do better. We must do better. (Hint: Joe Biden is better.)

This is the real Donald Trump. Obese and morose.

It is now abundantly clear that, while there are legitimate protesters in the streets of our cities who are exercising their right of assembly, it is also abundantly clear that the demonstrations are also giving cover – aid and comfort – to bad actors who are trying to evoke a response similar to the Kent State Massacre from these poorly trained and poorly led federal troops.

Some of the bad actors among the demonstrators may be sincere radicals hoping to overthrow an unjust regime and my heart goes out to those demonstrators. I am with you although my heart is lodged in a body that can no longer man the barricades itself. Others are most definitely agents provocateur who are conducting false flag attacks that are specifically designed to give Donald J. Trump  the excuse he needs to declare martial law and clamp down upon the right to assembly everywhere.

Conducting an presidential election under martial law, with federal troops selectively “protecting” polling places across the United States is an act of outright and obvious voter intimidation. Even if Donald J. Trump were to dispatch federal troops to every polling place in America – an obvious impossibility because we don’t have enough troops to do that – Trump voters in Trump districts would not be intimidated by the presence of those troops….but Biden voters in Democratic Districts would be intimidated. People of color would be intimidated and they would also be subject to harassment simply on the basis of their pigmentation.

Donald J. Trump isn’t stupid.  That’s a myth. Donald J. Trump is a very clever man. He is so clever that he has convinced a great many Americans that he is stupid. He is not stupid. He has convinced a great many Americans that he is ignorant. He is not ignorant. He spouts insane-sounding beliefs that he knows appear to be insane for the specific purpose of giving a great many stupid Americans reason to identify with him and to feel that he is their man. The opinions he expresses are the opinions to which they already subscribe.

Donald Trump (at right) making fun of NY Times reporter Serge Frank Kovaleski (shown at left.)

Donald J. Trump isn’t a buffoon.  Donald J. Trump is a skilled actor who is playing the role of a lifetime. A failed entrepreneur who has lost several times more than any realistic estimate of his net worth, he has convinced millions of Americans that he is a successful businessman. He perfected the character he is playing today over 23 seasons of The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice which was billed as reality television but was really a series of heavily scripted episodes extracted from thousands of hours of live action video.

Unfortunately, for Donald J. Trump and the people of the United States, Donald J. Trump has not adjusted to the fact that he is now going live, 24 hours a day, and no longer has the ability to edit his performances down to a finely honed presentation. He is working without a net, and so are we.

Donald J. Trump uses an eighth grade vocabulary because that is the vocabulary with which his followers are comfortable. He has tuned his rhetoric to their ears. He’s not talking to you – to the educated and the well-informed – because he knows that the educated and the informed aren’t ever going to vote for him.

Donald J. Trump has committed – and continues to commit – impeachable offenses on a daily basis, operating on the theory that The Emergency Powers Act of 1976 gives him the right to do whatever he wants….and he is almost right about that.

There is only ONE mechanism that exists to remove an out-of-control president from power…and that is impeachment mechanism.

The Democrats in the House of Representatives MUST impeach Donald J. Trump again. They must bite the bullet and appear to be partisans – and, in fact, to be partisans for the American people – by unfairly upsetting his presidential campaign by forcing him to fight off another impeachment effort.

Donald Trump embracing himself

There is enough time left to save the Republic by impeaching Donald J. Trump now because, if he wins re-election through the campaign of voter repression and voter intimidation that is now on display on the nightly news, we will never get another chance. Giving Donald J. Trump another four years in the Oval Office will destroy this nation  and thrust us into an ongoing civil war.

Unfortunately, throwing Donald J. Trump out of the White House will have the exact same effect. Donald J. Trump will not stop trying to destroy the country even if he is not re-elected. There is no way to shut him up. This man will leave the White House with numerous state secrets in his head. This is not good for the United States, or anyone else who wants life on Earth to continue.

Nevertheless, the United States and the entire planet will be better off for getting rid of the Asshole in the White House. If we fail, this is what the future will look like:

The Leader Speaks from the film Nineteen Eighty-Four.


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