Don’t Wait for 2016: Vote Now for President

The 2016 election is a long way off. Don’t wait for 2016 to vote for president. Vote now, and give your candidate a better chance of making it into the final run-off. Elsewhere on the front page, on the left side of the screen, you will find an instant poll designed to collect your opinions about who would make the best president of the United States right now instead of waiting until 2016 to make our choices.

A 2016 Preference Poll Like No Other

This totally unscientific poll is designed to put all of the viable 2016 candidates – and some not so viable candidates, because they have already served two terms as president or, in one case, because he is already dead – into a head-to-head competition to see how they would fare against each other if the election were held today.

We chose to include Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush, even though one of them is dead and the other is too old to serve again, because we wanted to compare those icons of Republican conservatism against the current crop of Republican hopefuls, and because we think a lot of Americans, if given the choice, would prefer either of them to everyone else who is running today. We did not include John Kennedy or Lyndon Johnson because we believed that too many people would vote for – or against – them because of their iconic status in American history. We didn’t include Jimmy Carter because we were quite sure that almost no one would vote for him. We did include Barack Obama because we believe a substantial percentage of Americans are actually much more sanguine about his presidency than the mainstream media would have us believe….and we wanted to find out if we were right nor not.

Who Did We Miss? Handicapping Longshots

We limited our historical choices to candidates who have occupied the Oval Office, rather than expanding the list to include also-rans, like Barry Goldwater, John McCain, or Mitt Romney who might have done better than the actual winner because, well, one never knows about such things. Besides, the list was getting too long. However, we don’t want to be autocratic about it. If you have a favorite son – or daughter – who you feel should be in the poll, send us a note (using the comments section below) and we will consider your request.

Why Are We Doing This?

We believe that the 2016 election will be the most important decision that Americans will make in this century, because it will affect all of our subsequent decisions, but it seems to us that people aren’t taking the matter of electing a president very seriously.  Our proof?  Two words:  Donald Trump.

We are using this poll to introduce a new feature at Bindlesnitch. We have come to the conclusion that the American public is being inundated with inflated, deflated and manipulated polls on a host of subjects that have been designed to produce a certain result. When it comes right down to it, we believe that we are being lied to about what we think on a host of subjects.

Of course, a poll is only as good as its screening and filtering techniques and, in this case, we have none, but we are working on developing a sophisticated new polling tool that will require the respondents to complete a detailed, cross referenced questionnaire about them before they can tell us about their views. We figure that less than 60 percent of the people who come to the polling center will actually complete the polls, but that would still put us 2.5 percent ahead of the actual 57.5 percent of American voters who actually turned out to vote in 2012.

The Presidential Preference Poll is actually being compiled on an older polling tool than the one we are developing, but it serves the purpose of raising the point that we are trying to make: the current selection of candidates – in both parties – seem like pygmies compared to previous occupants of the White House, no offense to the pygmies by the way. It’s just a term of endearment for a presidential candidate who shouldn’t even be bothering us with his vanity centered drive for the White House.

Bindlesnitch is getting loud about American politics. Join us for the shouting match.

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