Economists Warn Many Businesses May Never Reopen

As President Trump and many Republican governors are making the decision to disregard health expert’s warnings and reopen the country for business, it’s becoming pretty obvious that for some businesses, it may already be a bit too late.  

For example, here’s a place I dropped by earlier in the day, hoping to grab a quick takeout lunch to eat back home.  Unfortunately, the only person there appeared to be one of the fry cooks – and he was dead.  

Hell, even the rats have abandoned the joint.  And the roaches told me they’ll be soon gone too, just as soon as their $1200 Trump stimulus checks are all spent.

And you know what, as I drove home – it occurred to me that this must be exactly the way it was way back in the Neanderthal days, when they roamed around, searching everywhere for some food – and nothing was open.

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