Failure to Appear: Update! Bannon Charged With Crimnal Contempt

“If you fail to appear in court when ordered, the judge can issue a warrant for your arrest. … Once in custody, you may have to stay in jail until a hearing on your failure to appear.

A judge can impose a jail sentence or fines if you are found guilty of failure to appear or for contempt of court.

In modern times, contempt of Congress has generally applied to the refusal to comply with a subpoena issued by a congressional committee or subcommittee—usually seeking to compel either testimony or the production of requested documents…

Following the refusal of a witness to produce documents or to testify, the committee is entitled to report a resolution of contempt to its parent chamber.

Subsequent to a contempt citation, the presiding officer of the chamber can be instructed to refer the matter to the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia.

According to the law, it is the duty of the U.S. Attorney to refer the matter to a grand jury for action.

The criminal offense of contempt of Congress sets the penalty at not less than one month, nor more than twelve months in jail, and a fine of not more than $100,000 or less than $100.”

—-Paraphrased and condensed from Wikipedia…

If the Democrats conducting the investigation into the events of January 6th don’t move authoritatively and expeditiously to enforce the subpoenas they are issuing, they will be guilty of the ‘failure to appear’ to be serious about holding those behind the insurrection and attempted coup accountable for their seditious conspiracy.


Bannon to be charged with criminal contempt:

….and away we go!!!