Faith Be Damned…For This There is No Redemption.

      A disabled child. Far and away most likely…a kid with disabilities, according to a World Health Organization study published in The Lancet, is four times more likely to be a victim of violence, including sexual violence, more likely than any other potential violence victim. Most often a child victim of violence already suffers from mental illness and/or retardation and it’s far worse for a hospitalized or otherwise institutionalized child.

     The Lancet aggregated the results of seventeen studies  culling evidence on over 18,000 first-world children. All of the victims were living in what are considered wealthy nations, “from the United States, to Europe, to Israel.”  In the world’s richest nations, roughly three-percent of children are disabled; (the percentage doubles in poor countries).

     Well over 50,000 disabled children are murdered yearly across the world.

     Theology be damned: when you are a child’s enemy, there is no redemption.


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