Female Orgasms Aren’t All That Mysterious

We’ve somehow gotten it into our heads, societally speaking, that femininity is an enigma. If men are dogs, then women are cats—fickle, inscrutable, and liable to swat at you if you touch them wrong. Turns out, though, it’s pretty clear what women like, sexually. All it takes to figure it out is a partner who’s willing to pay attention.

So listen up. A new study surveyed over 1,000 women about their sexual preferences, and it turns out they’re pretty consistent.

Most people with vulvas and vaginas enjoy direct clitoral stimulation with a medium to light touch in a up-down or circular motion. Congratulations—you’re a sex genius now. Of course, everyone is different, gender is weird, bodies are wild, and your results may vary. Some people will orgasm from very atypical things, and some people won’t orgasm at all—no matter how much they enjoy sex.


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