FL GOP’s Stupid New Gun Bill

There is a movement afoot to make Florida a “permitless” state which means that anyone could carry a concealed firearm without a permit.

The GOP legislators who are backing this proposal are incredibly stupid because, under the current reciprocal agreements, Florida residents who have Florida carry permits can legally carry concealed firearms in 39 other states.

If the legislature passes such a bill, this would mean that Florida residents would no longer be legally able to carry firearms in 15 states where they can presently carry concealed weapons.

There are now 25 states where permitless carry is permitted. Those states will allow residents from other states that have enacted permitless carry to also carry in their states. Paradoxically, if you come from a state that issues carry permits, you will not be able to carry in a permitless state even though, since you are licensed in another state, you have theoretically, at least, risen to a higher level of certification, since most states that issue permits also require gun owners to demonstrate basic firearms competency.

If this bill is passed by Florida’s fascist legislature and signed by the state’s fascist governor, the number of states where Floridians can carry their guns will be reduced from 40 (including Florida) to just 25. That won’t help Floridians but it will help the 25 states that will not permit unpermitted Floridians to carry firearms in their states.

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