FLA Principal Who Tried to Stay Neutral About Holocaust Is Removed

The New York Times is currently running a story following up a Palm Beach Post article about a Boca Raton high school principal who was re-assigned to an administrative position a year after he sent an email to the parent of a student at his school in which he wrote that, “Not everyone believes the Holocaust happened.”

The principal, William Latson of Spanish River Community High School in Boca Raton, Fla., made that statement in an email t an unidentified parent in April 2018. Here is that statement:

It took the Boca Raton school board more than a year to realize that this person had no business leading a major high school – or any other school for that matter.

The question under debate here is whether a school principal has a right to inflict his own beliefs on the students in his school. He rests his argument, however, upon the statement that, ““Not everyone believes the Holocaust happened,” and therefore he has no right to tell the students in his school that he, personally ,believes that the Holocaust actually happened, whether or not he actually believes that it did.

On the basis of the historical records, the Holocaust is one of the most thoroughly documented events in human history. The Nazis, themselves documented their actions in their meticulous records, most of which still survive. When American troops  liberated the first of the Buchenwald camps, General Dwight David Eisenhower sent reporters and cameramen into the camp to document what had been found there. Then, he made every resident of the nearby towns parade through the camp so they could see what was done in their names.

Those are historical facts, not in debate in any sane community.  I knew some of the men who liberated that camp. I knew some of the people who were liberated from that camp. There is nothing made-up about the Holocaust.

The idea that an educational professional could be so far out of whack as to believe that believing in the Holocaust is a choice rather than an obligation proves that he should not be in charge of young minds ever again.

He should have been fired a year ago, nor reassigned a year later to an administrative position.

Case closed.



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