Florida Man Impersonating Police Officer Pulls Over Real Deputy


Florida Man Impersonating Police Officer Pulls Over Real Deputy:  A Florida man found himself in some hot water for pretending to be a police officer, after he pulled over an off-duty cop while driving his souped-up, jet-black Crown Victoria.

Wow, sounds like the Mensa meeting must have let out a bit early that day.  Now, the poor schmuck’s gonna have to sell that Crown Victoria to pay a lawyer.  Frankly, while I admit this article was rather amusing, all I really needed to see was the term “Florida Man,” and the rest of the story pretty much just wrote itself. 

Now, in all fairness – I suppose in Donald Trump’s Florida, this guy may very well be considered as kind of an “alternative” cop.  And, I suppose a good argument could be made about “what’s the big deal anyway?  After all, don’t we have some guy from New York sitting in the White House right now, impersonating a President?”


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