Odom Reportedly Out of Coma

After being in a coma for four days, former NBA star Lamar Odom’s health has continued to improve since he awoke late yesterday, however, he still remains hospitalized in the ICU. Multiple news reports on Saturday indicated that Odom, for the first time, was able to socialize and move around. Odom, 35, was “conversational” on Saturday and was able to text and speak a few sentences, but most of his communication came through a simple thumbs-up or thumbs-down, according to E! News.

E! News also reported that Odom is “100 percent breathing on his own.” He is currently wearing a non rebreather mask that is responsible for providing oxygen. He had previously been hooked up to a ventilator. The next step is to wean him off the oxygen slowly. Should Odom’s body begin to weaken he will be placed back on the ventilator once again.

Odom had an EKG done which showed that his heart is functioning well. Both his heart rate and blood pressure are at normal levels according to doctors treating the former NBA star. As of Friday evening Mr. Odom is still on a dialysis machine due to kidney failure. Furthermore, even though it appears that he is “neurologically intact” doctors will not know the extent of possible brain damage that he suffered until he is completely awake.

According to The Los Angeles Times, former Clippers teammates Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan and Chris Paul were among his visitors. All three arrived in Las Vegas late Wednesday night after the Clippers landed at LAX from a trip to China, where they played two exhibition games.

“He probably had no idea we were there, but just to be there and to see him — hopefully he knows there’s a lot of guys that love him and want to see him do better and want to see him get better,” Griffin said before the Clippers’ Saturday practice.

Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant and General Manager Mitch Kupchak visited Odom on Tuesday night, according to sources with the Lakers who asked not to be identified due to the sensitivity of the current situation. The Lakers were in Las Vegas playing an exhibition game against the Sacramento Kings.

Odom was found unconscious Tuesday afternoon in a Nevada brothel, reportedly suffering from a drug overdose. Mr. Odom had taken alcohol, cocaine and 10 doses of a sexual-enhancement drug during a four-day stay at the brothel, police said.

A hospital source told E! News that Odom appeared to have suffered an “ischemic stroke,” which is caused by a blood clot preventing blood flow to the brain and is often associated with an overdose of cocaine and other drugs.

Khloe Kardashian, the estranged wife to Odom, has been with him throughout his hospital stay. Even though her marriage to Odom is over, Kardashian has been making medical decisions on his behalf, a person who has knowledge about the situation told The Los Angeles Times last week.

Alvina Alston, a spokeswoman for Odom’s aunt, JaNean Mercer, told The Los Angeles Times on Saturday evening that his condition had improved and that Mercer had spent all day in the hospital room with him.

In a statement issued on Friday, Mercer thanked all those who have offered their support during Odom’s recent hospitalization.

“No words can express the overwhelming gratitude we feel for the outpouring of support from around the world. Please continue to keep in your prayers our family and Lamar, whom we deeply love, admire and cherish. His complete healing is paramount and our primary focus. Please respect our privacy as we continue to lean on God and trust in Him during this extremely difficult time.”

In the meantime, officials have already sent blood samples to the lab hoping to find out what kind of drugs played a role in Odom’s condition.  According to Yahoo, more medical tests will follow to gauge the extent of the internal damage Odom sustained during the lead-up to his hospitalization.


Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons

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