Gotham Recap – The Scarecrow (Episode 15)

In the latest installment of the Gotham series, a future villain is born in this episode showing his origins, Fish Mooney finds herself in a dark situation, Bruce Wayne is attempting to do tasks on his own, and the Penguin is on his rise up the ranks of the crime world. The last episode left many questions unanswered, and this week most have been addressed in a thrilling episode which was the highest rated yet for the young show, according to (an 8.3/10 rating).

One of the biggest mysteries from last week was the whereabouts and happenings of Fish Mooney. The last we saw, she was captured by pirates. In “The Scarecrow,” Mooney is imprisoned in an underground world, and it is still not clear exactly what it is. There appear to be hundreds doing time in the prison, which some consider to be hell itself. Mooney immediately threatens her fellow inmates, again showing her true colors as a leader – even in the most unexpected of situations. She eventually meets Mace, the leader of this underground world. After agreeing to a deal to ensure her protection, she kills him with his own knife, stolen right from his vest pocket. Having the only knife in this prison, Mooney rules the roost. She gives a speech to the rest of the population, letting them all know she is now running the show and intends to bring some order to the chaos that reigned inside. This appears to be the first step back for Mooney in her return to power.

Perhaps the biggest question mark from last week was the identification of the murderer who was stealing his victims adrenal glands. This week, the murderer is identified as biology teacher Gerald Crane. Viewers learned that Crane lost his wife in a house fire, and he was unable to render help. The aftermath of this event left Crane’s psyche in complete shambles and caused fear every waking moment within himself. Crane extracted the adrenal glands for the chemical substance found within. With the chemical, Crane created what he believed to be a cure for fear, and through a series of injections, appeared to have, indeed, cured himself of his own fears and phobias. Insistent that the cure worked, Crane began treatments on his adolescent son, Jonathan, who was also in the home at the time Crane’s wife was killed in the fire. Jonathan was still between treatments when Gordon and Bullock arrived at their home after tracking down Gerald’s location by doing some research on his deceased wife. With no time to spare, the father and son run out of the house into their backyard, which faced a large open field. Jonathan pleads with his father to discontinue the injections, claiming that he does not suffer from the same severity of fear as his father. Gerald insisted, forcing himself on Jonathan and injecting him with the remaining serum, at a much stronger dosage than what had been injected previously. Crane, who is indeed fearless, tries shooting at Gordon and Bullock. The two promptly shoot him to death in his own backyard, leaving his son convulsing in the dirt. The scene took place on the ground just below a scarecrow, causing intense hallucinations of an evil scarecrow in Jonathan’s mind. The end of the episode shows Jonathan medically stabilized, but the doctor tells Gordon that he may be stuck in a permanent state of terror, constantly running from a scarecrow trying to attack him.

Nygma and Cobblepot, later to be the Riddler and the Penguin.

The last scene of Oswald Cobblepot from last week was him escaping death by being crushed in a junkyard. This week he returns to Gotham City, and pleads to his boss Carmine Falcone for constant protection from Maroni, who had revealed Cobblepot’s betrayal. Falcone appears to be uninterested in the request, asking Cobblepot to remodel the inside of Fish Mooney’s club and make it his own. Falcone returns home with his enemy Maroni joining him. He offers Maroni a deal to give him Judge Turnbull, a judge that has put away many of Maroni’s men, in exchange for keeping Cobblepot alive. Maroni accepts and is surprised to learn that Falcone already has the judge in his very own house. Meanwhile, Cobblepot is hard at work completely revamping the club, and renaming it “Oswald’s” after himself. He has always felt a great deal of gratitude toward Detective Gordon for sparing his life, so he decides to visit the police station to personally deliver the invitation to the grand opening of Oswald’s. Cobblepot does not find Gordon at his desk and walks around the station, realizing he is being stalked by the awkward forensic scientist, Edward Nygma. The two share a brief and uncomfortable conversation before Gordon arrives, but it marks the first time this season where two of the show’s future villains meet each other in person. Gordon is upset by Cobblepot’s visit and demands he leave, making it clear he will not be attending his party. Cobblepot leaves, upset and hurt by Gordon’s rejection, but goes back to be greeted only by Maroni at his party. Maroni promises to leave him alone, but only as long as Falcone is alive.

Alfred and Bruce taking in the sunrise.

Back at Wayne Manor, young Bruce Wayne sets out to take a hike on his own. It was a hike he used to complete with his father and he felt the need to start doing it on his own, leaving Alfred behind. The hike appeared to be routine, until Bruce stumbled upon a pile of rocks that he and his father had accumulated over the years. He has a hard time dealing with the memory, and subsequently destroys the rocks and storms off into the woods. Angry at himself, Bruce loses his footing and rolls down a steep slope, spraining his ankle in the process. After creating his own splint to strap to his ankle, Bruce labors back up the hill where he finds Alfred already starting a fire for the two. Alfred asks if he would like to watch the sun rise with him a few hours later. Bruce, demoralized by the evening’s events agrees and falls asleep, waking later to see the sunrise with Alfred.

Preview of the Joker.

Fans of the Batman franchise were treated to a gem of an episode this week. The origin of the villain Scarecrow is shown in a dark, twisted scene between a psychotic father and son. Bruce lets loose the anger he has held deep down over the loss of his parents – the overriding motivation throughout Batman’s life. Cobblepot is on the rise through the ranks of crime, on his way to becoming the Penguin on a permanent basis. Fish Mooney is back and, while imprisoned, she quickly demonstrates she will not be held down by anyone, quickly solving the underground mystery that has entrapped fellow prisoners. Gordon will look to balance his life after learning that his girlfriend, Dr. Thompkins, has been hired as the Medical Examiner at the police station. FOX showed a snippet of next week’s episode, revealing that a new villain will be introduced into the story line. That antagonist will be the most iconic in the Batman series, the Joker.

Gotham will return on Monday night on FOX at 7pm.

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