Grocery Stores Reporting Many Customers Becoming Unruly

Many grocery stores around the country are reporting that some customers are beginning to become somewhat unruly during the pandemic – as long lines and product shortages are causing tempers to flare.  

I can relate,  Hell, I was minding my own business, while standing in line at Costco the other day, when this fella here tries to cut in front of me – and when I wouldn’t let him, he tried to start a fight.  And I gotta admit, I was more than willing to go at it with the big Poluka.  

I’d love to tell you I won, but as many of you who’ve been in fights during the pandemic well know, it’s damn hard to win a fistfight – when neither fighter’s allowed to get within 6 feet of one another.  And, being socially responsible citizens, we both tried our best to honor that distance.  

Anyway, the cashiers finally had to call the fight a draw and gave us both a handful of discount coupons for spray-on foot fungus medications for all our efforts.  We both agreed these coupons will sure come in pretty damn handy, once those gyms open back up.

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