Hannity Claims Deep State May Be Using Coronavirus to Hurt Economy

Fox News host and unofficial Trump advisor Sean Hannity, is once again downplaying coronavirus outbreak concerns and floating unsubstantiated internet rumors that the “deep state” is using the coronavirus pandemic to undermine the beautiful job Trump is doing on the economy and pushing “mandated medicines.”

Well, I guess this pretty much confirms that the journalistic standards over at FOX News can be basically reduced right down to a simple “I read it somewhere on the internet.”  

Well, at least that simplifies things.  No more time and money wasted on fact-checking.  Hell, most everyone knows that speculating on rumors which “might be true,” works just fine for Fox viewers anyway.  But gee, who knew South Korea, Northern Italy and Wuhan, China – were all part of the US deep state?

Anyway, not to sound critical, but I would suggest that many of those folks who spend so much their time worrying about the “deep state,” ought to perhaps pay a little more attention to their “mental state,” – which from my vantage point, appears to be in a state of “deep doo-doo.”


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