History Buff Finds Ships that Sank in 1878 in Lake Michigan

History Buff Finds Ships that Sank in 1878 in Lake Michigan:  Diver and maritime history buff Bernie Hellstrom has found two schooners which collided and sank into the icy cold depths of northern Lake Michigan more than 140 years ago.  Sadly, no survivors were found.  Scientists speculate that this is most likely because 140 years have passed and that the ship has been underwater all that time.


Texas Man Wanted for Divorcing His Wife Without Her Knowledge:  A Texas man, now on the run, faces up to 10 years in prison for allegedly filing for and completing divorce proceedings against his wife – all without her knowledge.  After learning of the situation, the court immediately dissolved the divorce decree and the man is expected to receive a “wife sentence.”


World’s Rarest Bat Living on Golf Course in Miami:  The world’s rarest bat – the “Bonneted bat – has been discovered living on a golf course in Miami.  Researchers say they already knew Florida was full of “old bats,” but it assumed most of them were simply “dingbats,”  That said, scientists say the amount of Bonneted bats is minuscule compared to other bats, so their presence unlikely to affect Florida’s “batting average.”

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