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It's said that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. A website's home page is the website's personality but since there are number of quirky people here, we have home page for each of several different personalities. (If you click on these links, they will open under new tabs so you won't lose your place here.)

  • Most Recent View  is the view you see when you first log onto BindleSnitch. It is designed to show up to 44 of the  most recently posted articles. The side bar lists the five most recently published articles in 13 categories, including the grab bag (see below.)  Altogether, this page offers readers more than 100 articles in a very compact format. This is the view we use to keep track of new posts to make sure they are up to our standards.
  • Most Popular View ranks articles in terms of their popularity, which is determined on the basis of the number of comments received by an article. Comments indicate a higher level of engagement than views do. It is relatively easy for a contributor to instigate a larger number of views. It takes a lot more effort to get people to comment on articles. This view is probably very important to you as a BindleSnitch author, since it will show you how well your posts are doing.  Like the most recent view, it offers readers more than 100 articles to choose from.
  • Editor's Picks is a special category page that shows the articles that the BindleSnitch Editorial team considers worthy of additional attention. It is built on the same format as the other category pages.
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  • Category Pages are listed on the menu bar under the masthead. There are 13 categories, including the top picks, which takes you back to the Editor's Picks.  Each category comes in two flavors: most recent and most popular.
  • The Quick Fix  is designed to give readers a quick snapshot of the five most recent articles in each of the 12 topical categories. This is the view to use if you just want to see what people on BindleSnitch are writing about today.
  • The Top Tens  offers readers a listing of the the top ten posts (as determined by the number of comments) in each of the 12 topical categories. These are the currently the most read articles on the website.
  • Today's Grab Bag is a random assortment of 36 articles going back to the beginning of the website five years ago. This view gives you an opportunity to step back and review older articles from the perspective of what has happened in the world since they were written. Every time you come back to this page, you will probably see something different.

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