Housekeeping Notes for Members

  1. We had a bizarre problem this morning. If you saw an error message, it was because the number of files in the system had somehow or other increased to 150% of capacity in 24 hours. I suspect that this was the result of a hacking attempt, although I have no idea why anyone would bother to hack Bindlesnitch. Seems like a waste of time to me.
  2. Someone started an article entitled “Trump and my Perilous Garrulous Malice Callous.” I read it. It’s a good article…but it doesn’t have an author’s name on it. It also didn’t have tags, text excerpt or featured image….but I really can’t figure out how someone could post a draft without a name appearing on the article. That should be impossible.   If this is your article, would y0u please send me any information you might have about how you posted an article without having a name attached to it….in the comments below…and please finish and publish the article.
  3. I am going to be deleting all of the older articles in draft, especially those that belong to people who are no longer with us, but I have a question about the whole sports department, which was Robert’s bailiwick. I have very little interest in sports articles, especially older articles. Does anyone have any feelings one way or the other?  It costs money to keep all of the articles if it bumps us up to the next package level and no I don’t know how much, yet.

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