How to Add Your Byline to the Blurb

The blurb is the thing that appears with your articles in the listings. It’s also called the Excerpt.

If you would like to add your byline to the summaries of your articles, do this:

  1.  Go to THE EXCERPT SECTION in edit mode.
  2.  Add your byline like this:  BY GEORGE KNOWITALL (all in caps, substituting your name for this one.)
  3.  Add three spaces after your name.
  4.  Then add a twenty-twenty five word blurb about the article
  5. Your byline will appear with the rest of the blurb.
  6. If you ONLY insert your byline and nothing else, it is going to look really silly.
  7. The easiest thing to do is to simply insert byline and then copy and paste the first sentence from your article, assuming your article has more than one word in it.


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