Overview of the Member Profile

Each author on BindleSnitch gets his or her own member profile. You can see your member profile right now by logging onto BindleSnitch and going to MEMBERS>MY PROFILE.

Why You Should Customize Your Profile

First of all, it isn’t necessary for you to do anything to set up your member profile. It will work for you right out of the box. If you are okay with the plain vanilla wrapper, just go on about your business. The profile will work just fine without the embellishments.

The most important reasons for customizing your profile is to:

(a) Create a brand
(b) Encourage followers and friends to follow and friend you
(c) Reassure people you really are you.

If you want to embellish a little (either with the image or the text) follow these instructions.

Inserting Your Profile Cover Image

This is going to be MUCH EASIER than it seems. Before you begin, make sure that you have the image that want to upload in your Pictures directory and that the image is at least 1000 pixels wide and around 350 to 400 pixels high. Then follow these instructions:

  • Go to MEMBERS tab on the Main Menu and, when the drop box opens, select MY PROFILE.
  • When the profile appears, click on the gray gear icon on the lower right-hand corner just below the standard image.
  • When selected, the gear will turn blue.
  • Select Change Cover Photo from the menu that will pop up over the standard image.
  • Select Cover Photo from the Drop Box that appears when you click on Change Cover Photo. (Yes, you have to do this twice. Don’t ask.)
  • Next, click on the BLUE UPLOAD BUTTON that will appear in the center of the screen.
  • You can now (finally) select any image that resides in the Pictures directory on your local hard drive.
  • Make sure the image is at least 1000 pixels wide and 350 pixels in height. You may have to experiment with the height of images. (Yes, we know we said this already.)
  • The selected image will appear in a box with a highlighted box inside the bigger box.
  • You can move the highlighted box up and down and right to left to capture the part of the image that you want to use.
  • When you are done, click on the BLUE APPLY button to cement the image into place.

Entering Your Capsule Profile

  • Before you begin this process, use any text editor to write a 40 word profile. The system will not allow you to save more than 40 words.
  • When you are ready, click on the gray gear under the main image.
  • You can now copy your profile from the word processor and paste it into the text box.
  • IGNORE the character counter. We have no idea where it came from.

Adding Your Head Shot to the Profile

  • Click on Camera Image in the circle on the lower left hand side of the profile.
  • Select Change Photo from the drop down menu.
  • Click on the BLUE UPLOAD button
  • Select any head shot in your pictures directory
  • Click on Open on the lower right
  • Position the highlight box over the part of the image that you want to capture.
  • Click on the BLUE APPLY button


When everything looks right to you, do not forget to find the gray check mark which replaces the gray gear icon. When you hover over the check mark, it will turn blue. One click on the check mark saves all your work.