“I Can’t Breathe” – A Dram of Justice for Eric Garner?

Daniel Pantaleo the veteran, now former, New York City police officer whose illegal choke-hold killed unarmed Michael Garner in 2014 when the latter was arrested in Staten Island for selling untaxed cigarettes has been cashiered. 

Mr Pantaleo and the NYPD are now, rightly, severed.

The former officer made a series of specific and ultimately deadly choices:

      .he chose arrest over issuing a summons with a man police knew was not a violent criminal and who was not behaving threateningly prior to his death;

      .he did not wait for back-up; 

     . he behaved in a manner that violated his specific training and the regulations under which he worked.  

Justice, however, remains unserved.

Justice will be served only when police departments and officers take the proper lessons here and behave in ways that convince communities that Justice is a goal of their work. 



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